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Intraoral Camera

An intra oral camera is a small digital camera that looks similar to a pen. It connects to our computer so we can more easily see the condition of your teeth. This tool can help us better detect any issues and help set up the best treatment plan for our patients.

Digital X-rays

Xrays are our best tool at detecting problems in your mouth. Through xrays we can find cavities, look at tooth roots, diagnose gum disease and some types of infections, see the status of developing teeth, and monitor the overall health of your teeth. We offer the latest in dental technology with our digital xrays. Digital xrays are far better than traditional photographic film as they can be seen almost instantly and easily shared with other dental specialists.


When you are having cosmetic dentistry including orthodontic work done, we take before, during, and after photographs to show you the changes to your smile.

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